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You could have just kept silent on the matter instead of acting like an impudent child who's parent just told them "no". Believe it or not Bob, being a moderator doesn't mean you know everything.

  • Нехватка электропитания USB-порта в Windows 10.
  • USB device has exceeded the power limits of it's hub port - HELP!
  • Нехватка электропитания USB-порта в Windows 10.
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But, it does mean you should know when it's appropriate to not say anything at all. You mention how you've had a similar issue with at least one other person here. What's the common denominator here Bob? Could it be you? Now, are you going to let it go and move on Bob? Or, are you going to have to get the last word as always and correct me yet again about something as trivial as my mistake between voltage and amperage?

Have a good day Bob.

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Does it matter? Or hope we could work on issues like this without the restrictions. After solving this with the usual changes and Y cables for so many over the past decades I wanted to ask if you could accept the prior answers but this makes 2 folk in about 20 years that want more than the usual. I know this sounds hard but yes, mA versus Voltage does matter. Ask any engineer. Good to read you solved it, no matter how. The only suggestion I have: It's not unlikely HP will stop support of Windows XP at the same time as Microsoft does, so you've got some three more months to get this solved.

As Kees points out, XP is about to lose the last remnants of support in April, so that's one of your problems. Another is HP support - I've never found them to be helpful and somethings they tell you things that're simply wrong. That's very unusual. How old are these computers? Maybe you have a power supply problem.

[Solved] USB Hub Power Exceeded - Forums - CNET

Since you say the problem follows your hard drive, is the hard drive that came with the computer? Maybe it's not and it places more of a load on the power supply than it was designed to support. Lots of possibilities here, but the fact that you're still running XP really bothers me. You've simply got to upgrade ASAP. I guess I should have included some details regarding the scope, environment and future implementation plans. There's quite a bit of red tape that gets in the way of getting things done quickly. We are converting systems to Windows 7. However, there are applications that are in use which are not yet playing well with Windows 7.

Yes, moving to Windows 7 will resolve the issue at hand. But, it is currently only viable as a solution for a small number of machines. The systems with 3 displays are viewing multiple applications such as live heart catheterization, imaging reports and the EMR system. Not all of the affected machines involve 3 displays.

The situation is a bit of a catch I took your reply that you did not want to re-hash. I'll supply a link as an example. These are widely available in the USA. Catch 22? It is not making a difference with regards to providing extra power.

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I believe I should re-state that the issue is not a hardware issue. I proved that by taking the hard drive and placing it into another machine of the exact same model, in which, the USB was functioning properly. The problem transferred to the test machine.

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I can only assume that whatever has happened has caused the OS to believe there is a power loss when in actuality, the hardware and power are functioning normally. I will also state that I will not use a powered hub or some other method to circumvent the issue at hand. My goal is to resolve the issue.

Connect Multiple USB Devices to an iPad/iPhone using a Powered USB Hub (GarageBand iOS)

You have a boatload of bullets to force the maker to fix this. Again, while I have cured it too many times, your post denies me re-hashing any prior answer so I thought about what I didn't share. One more thing I didn't share. There is an electrical mod to remove the current sense feature. Then with users and machines in warranty. Bob, I can see that you're having a hard time with my request not to re-hash prior answers, seeing as how you've mentioned it in each one of your responses.

I can see that you most definitely feel like you can resolve my issue. If it helps you ease your frustration at the conditions I placed on my request, by all means, make me a list of the cures you have used. You don't have to go into extreme detail. I do have over 15 years of computer repair under my belt and extensive practical experience. Keep in mind that I have already determined that it's not a hardware issue. So, taking my soldering iron to the board really isn't the right direction to go.

Also, my intention is not to work around, circumvent or mask the issue. I'm looking for a solution that would actually allow me to put preventative measures in place to keep this from happening on more computers and therefore let me return my focus to getting out systems changed over to Win 7.

Your cures. There is a long post about this in one of the CNET forums and every time the original poster leads with this they often claim that the changes are masking the issue. Since you want it fixed at the OS or driver level, there is nothing I can offer you today as this is not open source. At least you have thousands of bullets to use on your supplier.

Seems like cutting off your hand to spite your thumb to me, but it's your kettle of fish. I think the odds of your success are very slim, but it's your ball game. Go get 'em! Well then if you're more interested in proving a point This is about trying to resolve a specific problem. It's funny to me that there are so many people that consider themselves computer techs or whatever variation they would prefer to call themselves , who think it an answer or solution to tell someone to hide an error or to go get a powered hub.

That is not a "Cure". Nor, is that my idea of fixing a problem. You are right that it is my kettle of fish. The kettle is full of fish, that if cooked the right way, won't stink. So, unless you have a better recipe than hiding or ignoring the smell, what point are you trying to prove by being less than helpful?

With users, you might be able to convince HP or the reseller where you bought those machiens to solve it for you. If they are still inside warranty 1 year warranty, or did you extend it? Resolved Question. View answer. You are posting a reply to: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. You are reporting the following post: Tell us about your experience with our site. I apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge. Cannot find a straight forward answer to this anywhere. I had my iphone 4 connected to a USB port, restoring itself, when my awesome new puppy decided to chew on the cord.

A message popped up saying "USB device has exceeded the power limits of it's hub port", and prompted me to click for help. It gave me an option to reset the USB port or something and then nothing but the recurring message.

[SOLVED] USB Hub Power Exceeded

I unplugged everything, shut down and left it overnight. Now none of the USB ports work, and there is no message when I plug the phone in. It just doesn't work. Please help. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Amit K Verma Replied on August 5, Hello, Welcome to Microsoft Community Forum. However, before we proceed I would require some more information to assist you better: Are you able to connect the phone with other computer successfully?

What is the make and model of the computer? I would suggest you to try the following methods: Method 1: Diagnose and fix Windows USB problems automatically http: Device Manager Window will be open.