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Jusoh Melfice Jumbodumbo PIPSGuy Charan RiuK3n K-Max Kaizzya R3Ju7Ce AsuKi K1d0 ShaLong Isabell J-Slade RedElmo BabySmurfy Kougaiji WjLye Spetre CyXP Kreet The Silent Killer Digitral KvinC Racerx Spootid Ricky Boomeraangkid Angelodeath VincentHooi ACCAB Arool Xploit Machine Cloud9Nos3 XiuKeong Ataraxis Scrambler XPS Matrix GothFebrio LilSebJr Jcyteh Mike Darkmage12 MoMoTear Kyno Zerg Panasonic88 Snakevenom Blackbird Zildj Chezzball Kcsmax Asus Blazed Bigblock Hayatesanz Yeap Cfyong Demitri Jccw Sanzo PrinceCaspien Guest Rojak44 Json HeReLiSm Darkcloudz Ralph87 Iketani88 JtxCool NIckLJF Shenwoo Icechiller Jaz Kikifish R80 ReaperX Jing-leBelle Kopitard Ffenixz Fazz Garden NTX Invader Zim Dovienya BryanSinclair85 Vyraz Spawny Chyan Xenosuke 6.

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Witchblade E-Mac Rames FaezFarhan SirK ParasitAmol DM3 GreenSamurai REZ Ghostblind CoffeeDude ReidenLing Radeon DArkBat CyberKewl RAliKH Nov 3 , This theme has a professional look and it looks good on Red Nokia It simple and it has character, and the colors blend nice. Let me start of with the wallpaper.

The wallpaper fades from bottom to top, which gives it a significant look. The color red also coinside with the other two colors and makes it a nice combination. It also helps highlights the icons giving it a stylish look. The analogue clock is simple and noticeable. The digital clock is what I like most. It really looks like an old digital clock using a dot-matrix style. Another thing that I noticed is when you select option from menu or any other app, the whole screen turns red making everything covered by a red color and only showing the options, which makes it easier to read.

Another thing that Iwant to mention is the keyboards and keypads. They are all highlighted with red and uses white font for easier read. The tabs in contacts and messaging works without a problem. This theme really hits the spot for me. Overall this is a great theme and like I said especially if you have the red Nokia This one really caught my attention.

I personally like pictures of skies. I think background skies for Nokia is really nice to look at, especially if the picture is taken or created in hi-resolution. This theme Mystic by PiZero is one of those. The blue midnight sky really blends in with the green aurora that mirrors through the water.

Theme diy symbian theme editor for nokia s60v5 mobi Free Download

The rock formation is quite okay. It could have been a little brighter. The clock icon is really simple but it really says sophistication. The digital clock is quite all right too. When you are on the menu the background is the same as the wallpaper but its blurry which makes it look like you are looking at the icons right in front of you and the backgrounds is out far. The icons are the same as the default. The tabs under messaging and contacts are working great, those are important to me. The keyboards are ok both Full screen and alphanumeric. Click Here. Exclusive Download for Lowyat.

Step to install Garmin Mobile XT v5. No registration required! Should you be looking for free Garmin maps of other countries, Google is your best friend! Otherwise, you may also choose to purchase the official City Navigator maps from Garmin. Step 6 - Now, run the recently downloaded files on the computer, one after another, in this order: GMXT v5. Some people actually may be wondering. Basically all you have to do is double click on the files and run the Setup. Each of the installers have a GUI graphical user interface for the installation to the memory card.

During this step you might get an expired certificate error. To workaround this, there are 2 solutions: Soft Reset for your phone will erase all your phone data including your phone book contacts so please make a backup before you do it. Tools Required: Connect your phone in PC Suite mode 2. Then click on scan for new devices button top right hand side 4.

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Click on phone info button. Now Click on Scan. Select Permanent Memory. Click on Read. It will read the permanent memory file and save it on the disk at following path. Open the. No side effects currently and I can install any unsigned apps now, even those with 19 capabilities like dayhand input. Download HelloOX2 v2. Install HelloOX2 in your tube 3.

Run HelloOX2 and allow it to hack your phone. After hacking there will be a Rompatcher see screenshot IMG: Run rompatcher and then follow the instruction in screenshot below: This is to prevent void of warranty when you send your tube to NCC. Nokia firmware update to v We have many reports that forumer having problem to login. Remember to make an update before you updating your firmware. Restoring the backup will resolve this problem Tested By aspire2oo6. It is the only fully functional GNSS in the world, can be used freely, and is often used by civilians for navigation purposes.

It uses a constellation of between 24 and 32 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that transmit precise microwave signals, which allow GPS receivers to determine their current location, the time, and their velocity. Also, the precise time reference is used in many applications including the scientific study of earthquakes.

GPS is also a required key synchronization resource of cellular networks, such as the Qualcomm CDMA air interface used by many wireless carriers in a multitude of countries There are some charges for using a-gps like IMG: It is used extensively with GPS-capable cellular phones as its development was accelerated by the U.

GPS satellites continuously transmit their location relative to the Earth, and your phone's GPS receiver can calculate its own position if it knows the position of at least three satellites. When using this, small amounts of data are transmitted so you need a network-based internet service from your network operator for which you may be charged by the download volume.

Only small amounts of data are involved, but you should take care using this feature if you are travelling outside your own country as roaming data charges can be high. This is an additional help in obtaining a GPS fix, and it also makes a brief data connection. A number of factors can affect your phone's ability to obtain its GPS position: If you have one of these, an external GPS receiver or signal booster can be very useful.

Plug your cable to HP and connect as Mass Storage 3. Install the download file to Card Memory 4. Unplug the cable 5. Click it and install the latest version, during installation you should able to know this is newer version or not 7. Installation complete. Provide a background service that monitors incoming messages which may contain information used by Garmin Mobile XT.

Nokia 5800 with Iphone theme and Slide Unlocker

Okay, this might be an obvious point, but it's a very important one and you'd be surprised how many people still don't get this! When the battery is full, the bar chart is full and has stopped moving. If you want to make sure the battery is full, wait for the animation to stop moving before you disconnect the charger. The whole charging process on an empty battery may take a couple of hours, but this can vary tremendously depending on what kind of charger you use. The higher the charger's "mA" rating, the quicker it will charge the battery. Different Nokia chargers have different mA ratings, which are visible on an engraved panel below the prongs.

Incidentally, you do not need to empty the battery before charging. Modern lithium phone batteries can be recharged however full they are.

theme diy symbian theme editor for nokia s60v5 mobi

Money-saving, tree-hugging hint: Disconnect the charger from the mains wall socket when not in use. Chargers which are left plugged in use a small amount of electricity which will cost you money and cause needless damage to the environment. This applies to all electronic appliances, unplug them when you don't need them. Do NOT switch the phone off!

We're often told to turn lights off to save energy, but this advice does not work on mobile phones. In fact, although it sounds crazy, your phone's battery charge will last longer if you DON'T turn it off! The reason for this is that devices like the are actually pocket-sized computers with a phone built into them, which is why they're often called "smartphones". Just like PCs, smartphones take a while to boot up, and this booting process involves lots of intensive computing tasks that help to get the phone ready for use. Switching a phone on actually uses far more battery power than simply leaving the phone on, and of course if you switch the phone off you will have to switch it back on again at some point.

If you switch a phone on and off lots of times, it will use up the battery very quickly, because you're asking it to boot up lots of times. Your battery will last a LOT longer if you just leave the phone on all the time, and charge it while it's still on. A fully-charged can stay switched on in standby mode for up to two weeks, because in standby mode with the screen switched off it doesn't have to do much except wait for calls or commands. You don't need to do anything special to put the into standby mode, it is automatically in standby when it isn't being used.

There is no real need to ever switch a mobile phone off, unless something has gone wrong with it and you want to try rebooting it. Shut down unnecessary applications The is an S60 smartphone, and can run several applications at once for example you can listen to music while surfing the web and receiving instant messages. However, the more applications you run at once, the quicker the battery will be drained, so it's a good idea to shut down any applications you don't need. You can see all the current running applications by doing the following: Hold down the white menu button for a few seconds you can let go of the button once the Open Applications menu appears.

Select an icon in the Open Apps menu to go to that application, and exit the app from its own options menu to shut it down. Alternatively, most apps can be shut down by going to them and pressing the red button below the screen. The fewer apps that run simultaneously, the longer the battery will last.

Running fewer apps simultaneously will also make the phone run faster overall, because it has less to do at once. Turn down the 's screen brightness to the lowest acceptable level One of the biggest battery drains on portable devices is the screen's lighting system, which is why mobile device screens usually dim themselves when they're not in use.

You can make your phone's battery last longer if you turn down the screen's brightness to the lowest level that you're okay with. Here's how to do it on the Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Phone", select "Display", select "Light Sensor", then adjust the slider towards "Minimum" to dim the display. Use the lowest setting that feels comfortable. When you've finished, select "OK", then press the red button to go back to the front page. Switch off your 's screen when not in use IMG: The phone itself carries on running, but the screen being off will make the battery last a lot longer.

You can lock the screen manually by flicking the "keyguard switch", which is in the middle of the right side of the phone. You can unlock the screen by flicking the same switch again. Don't worry about the switch returning back to its original position, it's meant to do that. In case you forget to do it manually, you can make the screen dim automatically when it isn't being used. Here's how to set the screen auto switch-off period: Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Phone", select "Display", select "Light Time-Out", then move the slider to the quickest setting that you feel comfortable with.

Alternatively, you can set the screen lock to go on automatically which dims the screen as well as locking it: Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Phone Management", select "Auto Keyguard", select "Keypad Autolock Period", select "User Defined", then enter how long you want the phone to wait before locking the screen, select "OK", then press the red button to go back to the front page. Use headphones instead of speakers If you listen to music on the 's built-in speakers you will use the battery up more quickly than if you listen through headphones.

Headphones are inside your ear so they use much less power to deliver the same intensity of sound, whereas speakers have to get the sound to your ear over a much longer distance. Avoid using the camera flash unnecessarily In some situations such as a dark room you need to use the 's camera flash in order to get a decent picture, and in other situations such as being outdoors on a bright day the camera will automatically switch the flash off when taking pictures.

However, there are many situations which fall between these two extremes, where the 's camera will automatically use the flash, but where you could get a reasonable photo without it. In those circumstances you may want to switch the flash off because it's using up the battery unnecessarily. To switch the 's flash off completely: Press the camera button on the right side of the phone, select the flash icon by default it's "A" for Automatic , double-click on "Off", then take the picture with the camera button.

The advantage of 3G is a very high speed of internet access, the latest 3G networks have a technology called 3. The disadvantage of 3G networks is that they use up a phone's battery more quickly during calls.

iPhone theme for the Nokia XpressMusic - Nokia XpressMusic Themes | Know Your Mobile

By default the uses 3G networks, but automatically switches to 2G when there is no 3G network available in your current location. If you don't need high speed internet access, try switching your phone into 2G-only mode in order to save battery life during phone calls. Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Connectivity", select "Network", select "Network Mode", select "GSM", select "OK", then press the red button to go back to the front page. If you want to go back to automatically selecting 3G networks when available, repeat the above process but select "Dual Mode" instead of GSM.

If you want to use the internet remember to do switch back to Dual Mode, otherwise your will be stuck in 2G mode which means a very slow internet connection. Try to get a good signal The better the signal on your phone, the easier it is for the phone to connect to a base station aka phone mast or phone tower. The easier it is to connect to a base station, the less power a phone uses during calls. By making sure you have a good signal during calls, texts or internet use, you can make the phone's battery last longer.

You can see the current strength of the phone's signal in the top left corner of the screen, and below it it should say "3G", "3. The higher the bar, the better the signal, and the longer your phone's battery will last when connected to the base station. You can get a better signal by being out in the open, or if you're indoors try to be near windows. The best signals are when you're as near as possible to a base station, with a clear line of sight.

Modern phones are able to connect even when they're deep inside buildings, but this requires more power which uses up the batteries more quickly. Use Offline Mode aka Flight Mode If you're using your just for offline things like listening to music or watching a video, and you don't need to take any calls on it, you might want to switch it into Offline mode also known as Flight mode.

Offline mode means that the phone switches off anything which involves radio transmissions, such as phone calls, text messages, internet connections, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is often required on aircraft, in certain hospitals and on building sites with explosives, due to fears about radio interference the aircraft requirement is why it's also known as Flight mode. Going into Offline mode switches off all of the phone's current connections.

You can manually switch on Wi-Fi in Offline mode, but the phone will first remind you that you're in Offline mode and ask you for permission for each connection. If you've been told by someone to stop radio transmissions, don't allow such connections. Offline mode saves a certain amount of battery life as the phone no longer has to use its radio transmitters, but it does mean that the phone cannot send or receive any calls or texts. The one exception is an emergency number such as in Europe, in the UK or in the US, all phones can contact emergency numbers in all circumstances, even without a SIM card.

It's also worth noting that Offline mode doesn't actually save that much battery life, as modern wireless devices are very good at making connections and then keeping them open with as little power as possible. Using connections uses up battery life, but simply having connections open doesn't use that much power. To put the into Offline mode: On the phone's front page aka its standby screen , click on the date at the top of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select "Offline", then select "Yes" if necessary.

The signal bar will turn into an "X" to show that the phone is no longer connected to the phone network, and all other wireless connections will also be broken. To put the phone back into normal mode: Click on the front page's date again and select "General" , then select "Yes" if necessary. You can also use this menu to select other profiles if you prefer, profiles can be customised by pressing the white menu button, then "Settings", then "Personal", then "Profiles".

Perform a Disk check of your memory card beforehand 3. Go to E: Delete all the. Shown above right 7. Contact Us. Photoscape 3.

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Key Features - Viewer: View photos in your folder, create a slideshow - editor: Download now. AIMP 2. It has an easy to use interface, small size and minimal use of s VDownloader 3. Make backups of online videos in any possible for mat; they might be lost or remo Conserve disk space by adjusting the resolu Built-in Profile editor , create, edit and share your custom encoding profiles with the community!

DVD Creator Diego Uscanga. FL Studio Image-Line have developed FL Studio for over 12 years now and we know music soft Full Video Converter Free Full Video Converter Free has the capabilities to convert all popular video for m Full Video Converter Inc. Nero 6. Buy now. Nero AG. Nero 7 Ultra Edition 7.

Whether you want to access your media files from the com for t of your living room PSPad editor 4. PSPad editor is a programmers editor with support for multiple syntax highlighting profiles. It comes with a hex editor , CP conversion, text differences, templa Pizero packs themes into ZIP files, so it's probably a good idea to download them onto your computer, unzip them and then transfer the.

SIS file of the theme you want onto your See our USB transfer tutorial for more help with doing that. Alternatively, you can install the ZIP manager from the 's Download! Another place to find themes is Mobile9. They have a lot of themes, but their quality is very variable:. Nokia themes at Mobile9. S60 theme files have names that end in.

SIS, just like S60 applications which also end in. You can find out how to install themes on the by visiting our application installation tutorial. Themes are installed in exactly the same way as applications, just follow the installation instructions in the link. After you've installed a theme, it should appear in the settings page as noted in the "How to change themes" section above. As we noted in the app installation tutorial, don't worry if you see a security warning when doing the installation.

If you've got the theme from a trusted site such as Pizero's then there is no danger in installing the theme. Important Note: If you install a theme on your phone's memory card and then use that theme, it may cause videos to stutter slightly when you play them on the phone. If this problem happens to you, try installing themes to the phone's internal memory instead. Alternatively, try switching to the phone's default theme while playing a video.

The has built-in animations that lead from one screen to another. These should work with all themes. How to activate and deactivate animated transitions on the Nokia